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Awesome Action!

John B. Cuthbert, GA - April 2012


I am writing to let you know how much I  enjoy your product.  I bought the DoggerWorm a few weeks before a tournament I was fishing on Lake Eufuala and honestly didn't plan on using them.  I bought them to use at a friend's private pond, which I knew held big fish. 

It was extremely rainy the day of the tournament, so much so, if it wasn't for my partner boating two early fish, I would have packed it in for the day.  I fished the classic  gold buzz bait during the rainy morning.  I had some hits, but I could never connect on any of them.  As the day wore on I couldn't get a bite on anything!  

I remembered I had the brown craw colored DoggerWorm in my bag, so I decided to give it a try.  It was about the third cast I noticed the line running back to the boat.  I set the hook!  To my surprise it was a 10in Bass.  I could not believe a Bass smaller than the 12in worm ate this bait up!  Two or three small fish later we decided to head down stream and try a creek or two.  We needed keepers and they apparently weren't where we were.  

There was only 2hrs left until weigh in and we had an 1hr back from the creek  we were fishing.  The water was crystal clear in the creek at 8-10ft despite the torrential rain fall.  I tossed the DoggerWorm in between a downed limb near the bank.  I let it fall, waited 5sec and jerked it off the bottom with a swift motion.  All of a sudden I saw an ENORMOUS Bass shot like a rocket effortlessly through the tangled mass of wood.  This was it!  I  hooked a 7-8lb Bass!  I fought it briefly until the line locked tight.  I knew what this gut sinking feeling was.  No movement with a BIG Bass on the line meant only one thing... he was wrapped around the limb!  I rushed over with the trolling motor to see one of the biggest Bass I have personally hooked during a tourney twisted on what looked  like a small forest beneath the water.  I got down on my knees and tried to reach shoulder deep to retrieve the fish.  Aghhh... it is just out of reach.  This fish had a plan!   My next attempt was to quickly try to snap a few of the many limbs to free the line.   First attempt, great... second attempt... the fish took the slack and ran to Detroit!  I watched in horror as it flashed out of sight.  I was bested and beaten.    

Well, we didn't win, but I did learn a few valuable lessons.  One, the DoggerWorm has awesome action and looks like nothing else I have used.  You have to work it, which I witnessed in the clear water, but it is well worth the effort.  Two, a 12in DoggerWorm will land small fish just as easily as it will hook large Bass.   Three, I now have a new favorite color when things get tough.

I can't wait to try other colors throughout the year.  Thanks for a great product!

John B.


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