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Thank you for shopping with us!


Thank you for shopping with us!



I noticed the DoggerWorm doesn't have a flat side indicating where the hook should enter.  What is the correct way to rig the bait?​


The DoggerWorm is designed deliberately without a "flat side" hook indicator.  By omitting the "flat side" users can rig the bait to position the tail vertical or horizontally   "Vertical Tail" will fall "side-to-side" on retrieve offering an erratic presentation.  The "Horizontal Tail" presentation delivers a more rhythmatic swimming action.  Be sure to check out the videos on rigging options.      


I own a store and would like to resell Fishoey Lures' products.  Do you offer any programs for resellers?


Yes, Fishoey Lures invites and encourages resellers providing they own a brick and mortar location and agree to a few terms and conditions.  Follow the link to find out more information and to sign up to become a value added reseller of our products.


Hello, I fish tournaments and would love to promote your lures while I'm on the circuit or fishing my local tourneys.  Can I become sponsored by Fishoey Lures?


Yes, Coming Soon!  We think it is wonderful fishermen, women and children want to promote and use our products while fishing tournaments.  We are currently in the process of structuring a Sponsorship Program for our qualifying team members.   There will be several things asked of you in order to keep good standing and take advantage of benefits offered.  Please follow the link to request your interest in the sponsorship program.  You will be emailed updates as developments arise.    


My friend says this bait needs a 6/0 hook, I say you can use a 4-5/0 and still get hook-sets.  Who is right?


You both are! Typically, Shoey(founder) fishes a 5/0 skip gap hook when he is covering water and a 6/0 wide gap when punching weed mats.  Now fishing drop-shot method he will use a wide gap 4/0 hook.  You will get a little more action with a smaller hook, just remember BIG fish have tough upper lips, so you want to gage your hook size accordingly.  Most fish will pick up the DoggerWorm at the head/middle region.  Be sure to send us your pics and reviews of how you like to rig the DoggerWorm!

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