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Fishoey Lures...I'd Hit That!


Fishoey Lures provides unique, high quality Bass Fishing Lures which produce results for professional and weekend anglers alike. Creator of the: “Outlaw Craw”, “Hitchhiker Craw”, “7in Dogger Pup” and patented “12in Dogger Worm”.

Company Overview


In 2006, Fishoey Lures was founded by Matthew “Shoey” Shoemaker to fulfill a lifelong dream of sharing his lure innovations with the world.

Shoey spent many childhood summers dreaming up new and ingenious lures, so that he, his brother and father could use the one-of-a-kind baits to land more bass during their fishing adventures.

After years of refining his fishing skills, Shoey was ready to develop new products based on his knowledge and experience.

We hope you enjoy our products, and they inspire you to have fishing adventures of your own family and friends!



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